Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas in January

Last weekend Bill and I met the rest of his family (or most of them) in Brent, Alab ama at their family farm. His cousin Paul and Paul's wife Robin were in town, and the rest of the family gathered for Christmas. Yes, Christmas. We had the traditional turkey and dressing, candied yams, etc. (yum), and dead man's cake which was delish! Here are some pics:

This is Julian, Bill's second cousin. He is three and is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen! Can boys be beautiful? LOL

Here is Graham Martin. He also has a big sister Lane. They are both so precious!

Here are Chaz and Graham playing in the barn:

How lucky I was to have such great subjects, and they were such great sports! I'm already looking forward to the next Christmas in January!

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