Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Ah, the day of love. I am so thankful to have my family, husband, puppy dogs, and friends! I love you all!

Yesterday we spent the day moving my sister Stephanie and her three children back to Alabama. Friday I rode the train up to Greenville SC and met the most interesting people - a college professor, a man who was moving to Carolina from New Orleans, and a retired USAF master seargant something or another. They were delightful and I really enjoyed the train ride.

So, we spent Saturday packing and loading and packing and loading, and hit the road yesterday at 7:00 AM. Everything was just peachy until we were on the west side of Atlanta. I was driving behind Stephanie and all of a sudden her Budget Rental Truck started rocking from side to side for no apparent reason. We pulled off the road, called Daddy and he eventually towed it to Tuscaloosa. Never a dull moment! In the meantime however I was able to snap some long overdue pics of my nephew and neices, Josh, Sarah and Angel. Here they are being silly:

My favorite pic of my youngest neice Angel:

And her brother Josh:

And Sarah:

The kids are all starting a new school today..........I hope it goes well!

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