Monday, January 31, 2011

Their Big Fat Redneck Wedding......

Last night Bill and I were flipping channels and came across a show we rarely watch anymore - My Big Fat Redneck wedding.

The wedding was of Tina and Chase. Chase is a taxidermist and both are avid hunters. Which led to eventual true love and thus the wedding:

These squirrels would be the wedding cake topper. Nope, I'm not kidding. Chase stuffed them himself and Tina painted the fingernails and made the clothing. That's one wedding cake I would not touch with a ten foot pole!

This picture is of the entire cake - complete with bud light cans..........what camoflague squirrel wedding cake is complete without them?

Ah, the bride and her father coming down the isle - no, you're not seeing things. Dad's carrying a shotgun. And the bride has a camo wedding dress on complete with camo veil. Pardon me while I go throw up - I'll be right back LOL.
Yep, the man in the tree stand is the preacher. And by this point I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I woke up this morning giggling to myself about the squirrels. It's gonna be a crazy week.

Till Tomorrow,


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Sick

I think I've lost it. My throat was killing me this morning and I called in sick to work. After sleeping most of the day, it is now 10:00 PM and I am watching a car auction. No, I'm not kidding. 500 television channels and nothing else on. I think I'm about to switch the channel to cartoons, because the auctioneer is getting on my nerves. I settled on Family Guy, which is much better than a car auction. Peter Griffin is sporting a mohawk (LOL), and evidentally the family dog, Brian, has spawned a human child. And it's still better than a car auction. Where is Jersylicious when you need it? LOL

Oh well, enough with the television rant. I digiscrapped this evening - I'm a top five finalist for the CT Team for - what an honor! I had to participate in a challenge to make the team out of their monthly FEB mega kit, and here is my submission:

I also did a page from Kitty Designs and the name of the kit is Lovey Dovey. I love the name!!!!! I feel like I stole it because at this was only
$1.00, which I also love. Cute stuff for cheap!

Have a wonderful day. And don't forget to tell someone you love them.

Til Tomorrow,


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Digi Scrappin Saturday

I have another weird injury - I have hurt my back. Thursday I was carrying a mail bin from the Mal Moore Athletic Building across the street to my office. It only weighed, oh, 150,000 pounds (kidding but it was extremely heavy). In fact, the only way I could carry the thing was to prop it on my left hip and kind of waddle across the street. Well, that was the wrong thing to do. Evidentally I've pulled something in my back in by Friday at lunch I was at the doctors office. Now, armed with 800 mg motrin and loritab, I've spent all day at my friend Melissa's house digiscrapping!

Here are my latest creations:

'Til Tomorrow,


Friday, January 21, 2011

OK so I'm a little late.............

First, the BIG NEWS! I applied for four digital design teams and I've made TWO! I'm officially on the design team of sweettomatoscrapper at and also a new designer at the same site, Jumbbumble Designs! Yay! I'm so excited to be a part of these two fab teams!!! I can't wait for you to see my designs for them - they both ROCK!

In other news, I snapped some pics of Payton recently at my mother's house. She's starting to say some words, and can climb on anything. I turned around for just a second, and when I turned back around I saw this:

Yep, right there up on the dining room table. She was up there quicker than a spider monkey. And cried like she broke her leg when I took her off. She knew she wasn't supposed to be up there because she pointed to the table and said, "No, No, No!" Lord have mercy. Wonder if I was ever this mischevious? Probably. No, definately. LOL

'Til tomorrow,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curses, Curses!

So............I packed up everything but the kitchen sink and everything warm I could think of and moved into mama's house for 3 days. As promised, the first night produced sleet, covering around 1/4 of an inch of the ground, then it was snow and sleet, then...............nothing. I mean nothing. Not a flake. Not a drop. It was icy enough, though, to have a "Get Out of Work Free" day on Monday. (Sigh), I know, we must be grateful for the small things. Meanwhile, my sister in South Carolina got a foot of snow. Her kids have been out of school all week. I mean does Tuscaloosa have a snow curse on it or something? It's those weathermen. Unless my eyes deceive me does the snow accumulation map below not say we would get INCHES of the white stuff? That's just plain not nice to tell people that.

Oh well, moving on, I was very grateful to my hubs Monday evening when he came to rescue (and I mean that literally) me from the one year old, chiuauah, and my mother, who currently has cancer. I was exhausted. My good samaritan duty is done for the month. I did, however, have a moment (and I mean one) to do some pages:

This Kit is Memories Captured available at 9th and

Here's the preview:

This Kit is White Linens by Lynn Marie Designs. I've had it for awhile but this is my first page with it:

Here's the preview:

I have HUGE great news to share tomorrow!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear God.............Please deliver SNOW!

Although I definately believe in God, I don't often ask him for many favors. Except today. Please, Please, Please may we be graced with 14 inches of white fluffy snow on Sunday night? OK, Ok, 4-8 inches will be plenty. Here's what James Spann is predicting........gotta go get the milk and the bread!!!!!!!

I really wanna look out the window on Monday morning and see this:

They are predicting the biggest winter storm for our area since 1993. Whoopee!!!! I wanna see Payton play in the snow. I wanna see Ashley make snow angels. I wanna see Alli and Sally jump on their new trampoline in the snow. And I don't want to go to work on Monday. And I want the snow to make my mama feel better. I want to see Snookie eat snow and frolic. And I don't want mother to kill the dog while she's snowed in.

I wanna see a SNOWMAGEDDON!

Probably won't get an inch. But a girl's gotta hope, huh?

Till Tomorrow,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Pics

Tonight Bill is bringing home pizza. From Pizza Hut, my very favorite. Did I mention I'm starving? Soooooo broke from the holidays that I can't even buy a digi scrap kit, and that's BROKE. Oh well, it certainly won't kill me not to eat lunch for a few days. But I might have to have a bag of microwave popcorn to stop my stomach from screaming!

I took some pics, many of which you see below, of course on Christmas Day with my family. My dysfunctional, loving, great family. God help me. I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you today:

Here's the traditional picture after the kids wake up and before they see what Santa Bought. I have no idea why we do it in the Hallway of my sister's house, but we do.

Here's Payton with the Baby Alive that I gave her. It is nauseating to listen to and never stops jumping up and down. The batteries came out shortly after this picture.

Did I ever want crap like a Smurf hat for Christmas when I was a tween? Well, Sally did. And Santa delivered. In spades.

This is my bah humbug husband Bill. And this is the happiest he looked all day until he had a beer in his hand and a football game on TV. Sware. Ho ho ho.

Here's Payton with the rocker mama gave her for Christmas. I hope she keeps it and cherishes it forever. And rocks lots and lots of baby dolls in it. :)

Ah, the brother in law Tom. I can't tell you how late he stayed up Christmas Eve with wrenches and hammers and screwdrivers (not the liquid kind, although he would have much preferred that). This man loves his children. And my mama. And I love him for his sacrifices. And I love him for teaching me some brand new curse words on Christmas Eve. My vocabulary in expletives has definately expanded!

Shall we see who's next? Oh yes, the dog. Also having a scrumptious Christmas.

Sally is not short. She is fun-sized. And she wants the entire universe to know it. So I'm helping her by posting her new shirt on my blog. Which I am sure she will wear on the first day back to school.

This is my sister who requested I not take a picture of her. So, I took a picture of her front door and living room and she just happened to be in the way. (tee hee)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I've decided to do my own version of Project 365 this year...........I've already completed a Christmas page. Instead of taking photos every day (which I know I will NOT accomplish) I've decided to take pictures of family/friend events of significance and post several pics about them in templates. Then, at the end of the year my plan is to make a hard bound book to keep the memories. Here's my first page:

I've also completed several pages since my last post - both of these below are from Thaty Borges and the kit is Other Colors of Christmas:

And Here's a fun one I just did tonight from Faith True and Fruit Loop Sally at Scrap Orchard called "Girl Talk".

Now I'm off to ponder New Year's Resolutions - that might take the rest of the evening LOL.

Till Tommorrow,