Monday, February 21, 2011

My Top Ten Television Shows

OK I have committed to do several top ten lists in order to look back years from now and remember what I enjoyed in my 40's.

So, here are my current favorite Top Ten Television Shows:

1. GLEE!!!!! I am a GLEEK!!!!!! This show just makes me happy. And I love the music!

2. I love a good talent and this show is so much fun to watch, especially the try outs and finals.
3.I stopped watching last season because even I, who enjoys to chuckle at the occasional bad talent, couldn't stand anymore squaking. I don't even know who won and don't care. This season, the addition of Steven Tyler sweetens the pot for me as well as some very talented kids.
4. I am addicted.
5. Hilarious. Never fails to make me laugh out loud!
6.This show always makes me feel better about the state my own house is in. In addition, it makes me want to go scrub every inch of my house. I call this my motivation show.

7. Because even rednecks get married. This show is why people under a certain IQ should not reproduce.

8. I keep hoping to see something on this show one day I have in a closet that's worth $1 million.

9. Maybe because I'm southern, but this show never ceases to astound me. I mean how many smoky eyes can one create in a television series?
10..This show is number 9 because it only comes on once a year. And it takes me all year to recover from the bad talent.
'Til Tomorrow,

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