Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finally - able to Digiscrap!

It's Sunday night and I'm pooped, but have done absolutely nothing all day except wash laundry, and make a trip to Sam's. For the past two days I've woken up at noon. Yes, noon. Oh, and I did go to Dollar General yesterday in the rain and picked up some double-stuffed oreos. It was a small package, but I ate half of them yesterday. It's because they were sitting on the damn counter, and every time I passed that counter I had to have an oreo.

I have done a couple of scrap pages this weekend, one of Payton reading a Dr. Seuss story and one of Angel my neice. I'm starting to use templates and I really love them. It will be obvious on the pics which one was the template, because I could never create such perfectly divided squares otherwise, even with a grid.

I'm home this week through Wednesday, then Thursday I'm off to Texas with Men's Track and Field for the NCAA Indoor Championships. I'm really excited because it will be my first national track meet in six years to attend! Then, it's home for an entire week off for Spring Break! Yep, one of the perks of the job is the University Holidays - a week for Christmas and a week for Spring Break. After Spring Break it's Alabama Relays week and I'll work the track meet for 4 days. Whew! I might have to give myself a little break and go to the casino during my break...........although I'm severely trying to talk myself out of it. I need some fun and some penny slots are calling my name (Jackpot Party baby!) I'll probably end up going, and hope I win enough to at least break even (that's what my goal is every time).

Here are my latest scrap pages:

Love one another.

Till Tomorrow,


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