Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On The Road Again............

One of the perks of my job includes the ability to travel with my teams once per year. So, for the past four days I have been on the road with UA Women's Track and Field at the SEC Indoor Track Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I thought I would have lots and lots of time to scrap............wrong! I ended up being the unofficial photographer, which was fine, and all of my nights were spent having a date with Lightroom3. In 2 weeks I'll travel with men's track to the NCAA Indoor track and field championships in College Station, TX. I wanted to make that trip because Coach Harvey Glance, the men's head coach, will be retiring after this season, and I've never been to a national track meet before. I want to experience that with him.

Harvey is very special to me. He is a mentor, friend, and boss. He cares for his athletes deeply and has taught many of them life lessons they will carry with them forever. He is also a "real" person, and although he has won an olympic gold medal, been an olympic track coach and Junior World Championship Head coach (just to name a few), he is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Harvey listens. And that is important to someone like me who is very low on the department totem pole. His men's team finished fourth this year at the indoor SEC's, something I know he must be very, very proud of - the best finish since 2002. I will miss my "Harvalina" so much. He is the only coach who has ever taken me to lunch on a regular basis, just to visit with me. Wow. A celebrity who is my boss who is super cool...........who could ask for more?

So, no digi scrapping but lots and lots of pictures. And I also saw one of our Alabama men's track members break a world record in the 400 meter race. His name is Kirani James, and his home country is Greneda. He entered college last year when he was only 17, and is not only an exceptional athlete but also an exceptional young man. He is selfless. He doesn't run for the accolades - he runs for his team mates, his school, his coach and his country. He is a very quiet boy who is most polite and considerate. I'll never forget last year when I traveled with men's track he opened doors for me and carried my luggage. These days you don't find many kids without egos or alternate motives. We are so lucky to have him at the University of Alabama.

I say all of this because the two men above have both influenced my life just because I know them. I can't say that about many people. They are diamonds amongst the rocks of life.

Here's a pic of Harvey:

And a couple of pics of Kirani, the first one just minutes before he broke the world record:

and another one I took in the stands:

Ok, enough about travels - I'm off to digiscrap!

Love one another.

Till Tomorrow,


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