Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Pics

Tonight Bill is bringing home pizza. From Pizza Hut, my very favorite. Did I mention I'm starving? Soooooo broke from the holidays that I can't even buy a digi scrap kit, and that's BROKE. Oh well, it certainly won't kill me not to eat lunch for a few days. But I might have to have a bag of microwave popcorn to stop my stomach from screaming!

I took some pics, many of which you see below, of course on Christmas Day with my family. My dysfunctional, loving, great family. God help me. I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you today:

Here's the traditional picture after the kids wake up and before they see what Santa Bought. I have no idea why we do it in the Hallway of my sister's house, but we do.

Here's Payton with the Baby Alive that I gave her. It is nauseating to listen to and never stops jumping up and down. The batteries came out shortly after this picture.

Did I ever want crap like a Smurf hat for Christmas when I was a tween? Well, Sally did. And Santa delivered. In spades.

This is my bah humbug husband Bill. And this is the happiest he looked all day until he had a beer in his hand and a football game on TV. Sware. Ho ho ho.

Here's Payton with the rocker mama gave her for Christmas. I hope she keeps it and cherishes it forever. And rocks lots and lots of baby dolls in it. :)

Ah, the brother in law Tom. I can't tell you how late he stayed up Christmas Eve with wrenches and hammers and screwdrivers (not the liquid kind, although he would have much preferred that). This man loves his children. And my mama. And I love him for his sacrifices. And I love him for teaching me some brand new curse words on Christmas Eve. My vocabulary in expletives has definately expanded!

Shall we see who's next? Oh yes, the dog. Also having a scrumptious Christmas.

Sally is not short. She is fun-sized. And she wants the entire universe to know it. So I'm helping her by posting her new shirt on my blog. Which I am sure she will wear on the first day back to school.

This is my sister who requested I not take a picture of her. So, I took a picture of her front door and living room and she just happened to be in the way. (tee hee)

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