Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curses, Curses!

So............I packed up everything but the kitchen sink and everything warm I could think of and moved into mama's house for 3 days. As promised, the first night produced sleet, covering around 1/4 of an inch of the ground, then it was snow and sleet, then...............nothing. I mean nothing. Not a flake. Not a drop. It was icy enough, though, to have a "Get Out of Work Free" day on Monday. (Sigh), I know, we must be grateful for the small things. Meanwhile, my sister in South Carolina got a foot of snow. Her kids have been out of school all week. I mean does Tuscaloosa have a snow curse on it or something? It's those weathermen. Unless my eyes deceive me does the snow accumulation map below not say we would get INCHES of the white stuff? That's just plain not nice to tell people that.

Oh well, moving on, I was very grateful to my hubs Monday evening when he came to rescue (and I mean that literally) me from the one year old, chiuauah, and my mother, who currently has cancer. I was exhausted. My good samaritan duty is done for the month. I did, however, have a moment (and I mean one) to do some pages:

This Kit is Memories Captured available at 9th and

Here's the preview:

This Kit is White Linens by Lynn Marie Designs. I've had it for awhile but this is my first page with it:

Here's the preview:

I have HUGE great news to share tomorrow!


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