Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear God.............Please deliver SNOW!

Although I definately believe in God, I don't often ask him for many favors. Except today. Please, Please, Please may we be graced with 14 inches of white fluffy snow on Sunday night? OK, Ok, 4-8 inches will be plenty. Here's what James Spann is predicting........gotta go get the milk and the bread!!!!!!!

I really wanna look out the window on Monday morning and see this:

They are predicting the biggest winter storm for our area since 1993. Whoopee!!!! I wanna see Payton play in the snow. I wanna see Ashley make snow angels. I wanna see Alli and Sally jump on their new trampoline in the snow. And I don't want to go to work on Monday. And I want the snow to make my mama feel better. I want to see Snookie eat snow and frolic. And I don't want mother to kill the dog while she's snowed in.

I wanna see a SNOWMAGEDDON!

Probably won't get an inch. But a girl's gotta hope, huh?

Till Tomorrow,

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